• Is it legal to use a Youtube downloader?

    Yes, as long as the content you are downloading is not copyrighted. Youtube to MP3 Shark service respects music owners’ rights and thus blocks the conversion of copyrighted materials.

    To be clear, we DO NOT allow the file to be downloaded. Rather than leaving it up to the user to “have for personal use only”, instead we direct users to paying services to stop copyright infringement and put the rightfully earned dollars back into the pockets of music creators.

  • Is it safe to download free video with YoutubeToMP3shark?

    It is absolutely safe to download with YTMS. We are not responsible for the downloaded content itself, because we don’t own it or developed it, but we guarantee the safety of our online downloading service.

  • Is YoutubeToMP3shark a totally free service?

    Yes, it will always remain 100% free. That said, we do appreciate donations to continue to improve our service ?

  • Is my data private when using YoutubeToMP3shark?

    Yes, YTMS does not collect any data about you, the videos you download or anything else.

  • Is there any limit on how many videos I can download per day?

    No, you can download as many videos as you want.

  • Is YoutubeToMP3shark available on Android or Windows phone?

    Yes, YTMS is available on any internet connected device.

  • Can I share any audio or video file through YoutubeToMP3shark?

    Yes. Just copy the download link to clipboard and send it directly to your friends.

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